Suckerpunch by Humble x Flawless

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Do you find yourself getting tired of all of your vape juice choices? Are you finding their flavors dull, predictable, boring? Suckerpunch has the perfect solution to your problem. Suckerpunch, previously known as the Queen of Vape Juices, found herself getting tired of every juice she came across. All of the flavors were boring, predictable, or tasted nothing like they were supposed to. So, with all of her best knights and some of her favorite subjects, she set out on a grand quest to find the vape juice of her dreams, something that tasted unlike any other. She traveled out of her kingdom and through unknown lands, crossing country after country searching for what she desired. She was looking for a juice that was flavorful, as sweet as candy, and was something she’d never tire of. She called her two favorite knights, Humble and Flawless, into her presence to ask for their ideas on what to do. They told the Queen that they had been thinking of creating a vape juice of their own, but they couldn’t decide on what flavor they wanted their juice to be. She smiled and replied, “Why don’t you make it a mystery?” The knights were confused, but the Queen went on to explain. “Yes, a mystery. A mystery candy, something you can never get tired of because the flavor is so mysteriously complex. So complex, in fact, that it’s almost like a delicious sucker punch to your taste buds.” Knight Humble and Knight Flawless looked at one another and agreed that they liked her plan so much that they created the mystery candy flavored vape juice and named it Suckerpunch in her honor. When it came time to try the flavor, the Queen loved it so much, she changed her name to Suckerpunch to show her love for it. Humble X Flawless Suckerpunch, a collaboration between Humble Juice Co. and Flawless E-Liquid, is a creamy and mysterious candy flavored juice. While the flavor might be mysterious, it’s definitely delicious. Will you be able to guess what flavor it is?