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Blue Swirl by Humble X Flawless

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Close your eyes and think back to your favorite summer moment. Maybe it involves a riveting baseball game, or a late night bonfire, or driving with the windows down and your favorite song blasting at the highest volume. But imagine for a minute that it involves a pool. You’re lounging by the pool, soaking in the rays of the hot sun after a relaxing swim, a glass of ice cold lemonade in your hand, which you take a sip from every now and then before closing your eyes and going back to relaxing. You find the tang of the lemon delicious and refreshing, but then, suddenly, you find yourself transported to a carnival or fair in the middle of the summer. Your friends quickly gather round, joking around with you and cracking jokes as they hand you a blue raspberry snow cone, identical to the ones they carry in their hands. When you go to taste it, you find that you can still taste the lemonade from before. You find the combination of the two flavors delicious but wonder how you’ll ever be able to recreate it. Lucky for you, Humble Juice Co. and Flawless E-Liquid collaborated to figure out exactly how, and their answer? Humble X Flawless Blue Swirl. Humble X Flawless Blue Swirl, a collaboration between Humble Juice Co. and Flawless, is a delicious blue raspberry laced lemonade juice. Blue Swirl is a sweet, refreshing flavor combination that can’t be found anywhere else and is sure to become your new favorite flavor. The sweet, sugary blue raspberry lemonade flavor of Blue Swirl will instantly put you in a fun, summer mindset, and bring back memories of all your favorite hazy summer activities, but it combines them into a delicious, unique flavor that is sure to please, down to the last drop.