Blue Razz Slush Salt by Keep it 100

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Even though the summer is winding down to its end as quickly as can be, this blend is going to have you feeling those great, sunny vibes all year long. When you're shivering after having to shovel out loads of snow in the middle of the freezing cold winter, you can come back inside, fire up this sweet, luscious blend and find yourself daydreaming about spending your days sprawled out on the beach, feeling the smooth sand and the warmth of the sun shining down on your skin. There is something that is so comforting and nostalgic about this juice that will not only please your taste buds but also have your attitude lifted up by the wonderful memories that come flooding back to you every time that you take an inhale. It's going to be like you have access to an amazing treasure any time that the mood strikes and we have a feeling that that's going to be very often. Just imagine being able to enjoy this typically frozen delight without having to worry about a sticky melty mess or all of that sugar making you feel yucky. Keep It 100 Salts E Liquid is a new line that was devised by the team over at Keep it 100 eliquid, they take all of those famous flavors that they are so well loved and respected for and remake them with salt nicotine so that you can get that true impact that you have been looking for. The flavor Blue Razz combines a sweet, refreshing slushy base with some sweet, freshly picked strawberries and bold, powerful blue raspberry that will send your taste buds for a tailspin!