Types of Electronic Vapors

For new vapers, the transition from tobacco products to electronic cigarettes can often be both exciting and overwhelming. It is exciting because they realize that they are leaving the dangers of tobacco cigarettes behind and adopting a practice that experts say is 95% safer than conventional smokers. They are at the same time overwhelmed by the sheer volume of choices and alternatives available to them as they select their evapor device. Fortunately, there is no need for confusion once you begin understanding the different types of electric vapors items that you can purchase. In order to better understand these types, let us look at the below examples.


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The Disposable One-Piece Electronic Vapors


Sometimes referred to as "cig-a-likes" or minis, these devices are familiar to most new vapers and can be found in any convenience stores and numerous vapor store all throughout the United States. They are classified as disposables, since the entire device can be discarded after use. Most are designed to be generally the size of a tobacco cigarette, and therefore provide a comfortable route for smokers to change to this safer alternative. Most sell for between $5 and $10, and are advertised just like the equivalent of two packs of tobacco cigarettes – which makes them a cost-effective alternative for smokers.


The Rechargeable Two and Three-Piece Electronic Vapors


Numerous people who continue to use evapor after their transition from tobacco often move on from the disposable e-cigs and purchase a quality two-piece electronic cigarette device, or even a three-piece clearomizer. These types of devices are known as Cig-a-like ecigs. Both provide a considerably more enjoyable experience than the disposable electric vapors, and each has its advantages.



The two-piece comes with a rechargeable battery (and USB charging cable) and an atomizer-containing cartridge. The atomizer screws onto the battery, making the device ready to use easily. In this way it produces better flavor and vapor, and ought to be considered a mid-range quality choice of an evapor.



Advanced Personal Vaporizers (APVs) or Mods


For some vapers, the clearomizer alternative meets their needs so well that they essentially continue to use those items for a longer period of time. For those who need an even richer vaping experience, however, there is an even more technologically innovative product: the advanced personal vaporizer, or APV. These devices are likewise referred to as "mods" by numerous vapor store, and have a reputation for giving the ultimate in vaping enjoyment.


These electric vapors come in different sizes and shapes as well, ranging from a little box to a large cylinder. The battery is often known as a box mod, yet they often come as a complete pack. They come with a high degree of customization alternatives, and detailed controls that maximize your capacity to personalize both the device and your vaping experience. They likewise offer the benefits associated with more powerful batteries that enable more energy to be drawn by the loops, empowering users to achieve even greater vapor volume.


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