Switching To Electric Vapors: Types of Electronic Vapors

What are Electronic Vapors?


Vape devices– called e-cigs, electric vapes, mods, or boxes, contingent upon the style and size– are contained a battery, heating element, wicking material, and usually a tank that holds the liquid to be vaped. The liquid, often containing a percentage of nicotine, is usually referred to as “e-juice” or “e-liquid.” When the liquid is absorbed by the wicking device, which is wrapped in or around a heating coil, and the power is activated, vapor is produced.


What kinds of electric vapors are available?


There are four fundamental types of electric vapors: disposables, pen-style mods, box-style mods, and mechanical mods. In case of mods, the primary unit that contains the battery and the power button requires a tank, atomizer, and different parts to be included, but we'll get to that later.


Disposable electric vapors


Disposable electronic vapes are the east, least expensive, and most promptly available type of vaping gadget in the market. These devices are typically either all-in-one units that are thrown away as a whole as soon as the battery dies, or replaceable units that allow you to recharge the battery but swap out the small cartridge tip, which contains the juice, wick, and heating element.

Pros: Convenient, cheap, and easy to use

Cons: Usually weak on vapor, batteries don’t last very long


Pen-style electric vapors


These are the next step towards fully customized vaping. Pen-style mods are made up of the same main components but are typically much larger than a standard cigarette or disposable e-cig. They usually feature swappable components, allowing you to change the tank, heating coil, and tip of the unit for further customization.

These mods are more powerful than a disposable e-cig and will produce more vapor with a higher power than the smaller alternative. Pen-style mods are rechargeable, usually via a USB cable, and some models allow you to swap out the battery from the case.

Pros: More powerful than disposable e-cigs, larger battery means longer life, customizable

Cons: Not as powerful as a box mod, more expensive than disposables, requires basic maintenance

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Box-style electric vapors


Like the pen-style mods, box-style mods allow you to customize the vaping experience with the tank, coil, and other hardware of your choosing. Even larger than the previous two styles, box mods contain a large battery and often a significant amount of additional wiring and circuitry. This is usually due to the fact that box mods often feature built-in displays that show the temperature, wattage, and other important information.

Box mods offer more power than the others as well, and usually come with several different settings to choose from based on the type of coil and tank you are using. Many modern box mods also feature temperature control features that auto-regulate the power and vapor production without any user input.

Pros: Most powerful of all the e-cig options, lots of vapor, feature-packed software to tweak the vaping experience

Cons: Can be expensive, requires maintenance and part replacements over time, advanced features take some learning