Best Way to Get Into Vaping on a Budget

So you want to start vaping but you're looking to cut as many corners and save as much cash as you can from the vapor store. Well, you're not the only one! There are just so many products to choose from, some of them extending well into triple digits, and then there is the unexplored territory of e-liquids to delve into… all without even knowing if you're going to like any of it!


Research, because the more you know what your options are, and what different products cost, you will be more aware of what a good deal truly is! This is a tech-based industry, and there are A TON of different products to choose from. You really need to learn what your options are, because this will enable you to make more personalized choices.

E-cigs, vaporizers, MODs… they're all pretty different from each other, and there can be a HUGE cost differential between them. Many people start out with e-cigs, then transition up the ladder, however some jump right into MODs from tobacco, and do so with stellar results. If cost is playing into your decision, rather than the experience you're aiming for, e-cigs, by far, are the cheapest option. The following is a breakdown of what each style of alternative cigarette offers:

E-Cigs: Super simple, very similar to traditional cigarettes in looks, feel, and how you use them. However, they do not hit as powerfully as vaporizers and MODs. You also have less options for customizing their usage as opposed to vaporizers and MODs.

Vaporizers/Vape Pens: . These are middle of the road devices. More power than e-cigs, less work and power than MODs. They are loaded with options, ability to customize, and play with, plus they can offer a slew of power options

MODs $$ - These are recommended for those with advanced knowledge of electronics, electrical workings, and how all the different aspects of MODs come together. They are only recommended for beginners who know what they're getting into.

Buying from the vapor store. Did you know we're all about offering you the best prices, all the time with our promise of price matching? Look for free shipping; why spend more if you don't have to? Buy in bulk; there's usually a big cost-savings incentive. For example, go after atomizers sold in 5-packs; you're going to be replacing these constantly. Also, the general rule with e-liquids is that the larger the bottle, the less expensive the overall amount cost is. This allows you to also be prepared for a longer period of time, and we all know how lame running out of something necessary can be.

Take the initiative: set a budget for yourself and stick to it no matter what. Even if your fave e-liquid costs $38 per 10ml and you go through a bottle a day; plan around it! Sometimes vaping can be a little too enjoyable, and it can be too easy to go overboard buying cool stuff to fuel the hobby.

Learn to build your own coils. Yes, you'll have to learn some technique, some safety info, and how to properly handle the inner workings, however, the more knowledge you obtain, the more you empower yourself! DIY coils can save you a lot of money!

Vaping doesn't have to be expensive; in fact, most people are interested in vaping to begin with because it can be a whole lot cheaper than smoking! However, on the flip side, it can also be tremendously easy to overspend and go nuts on account of how excitingly innovative it is. Either way, or it is suggested finding the middle ground and getting in on all the awesome savings opps that await you! Shop wisely!