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Perfect all in one device to get started vaping.


Wismec myJET Express Pack

Bring on the pod vape revolution!

The myJET collaboration by myVapors & Wismec is the vape world’s newest open-pod vape system. This super-charged next-genaration cigalike is sure to be a massive hit with vapers who want a great flavor producer in a small, discrete and stylish device.

Pod systems allow greater convenience than other vape devices while not suffering the same limitations as cigalikes. They also give the ability to switch up flavors easily without having to change tanks. Make your first foray into the vape pod world the myJET; you won’t regret it.

We’re proud to offer you the Express kit, which contains the device and two extra unfilled pods and atomisers.

Re-fillable and re-wickable.


Leak free: the 1.2 ml pods have a unique anti-leak design and are easy to fill

Powerful: The myJet has a 350mAh battery capable of delivering 4+ hours of continuous vaping

Stylish: Made from aluminium alloy, the myJET feels great in the hand and is as discreet as it gets

You fill it yourself, so don’t forget to pick up some e-liquid. We recommend 12-24mg for this device for most vapers.

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