Alien Clapton Coils by BD Builders


Why buy Alien claptons?

When It comes to flavor and vapor production it’s all about surface area! These coils, because of their multiple core wires and wavy pattern, give you maximum surface area to hold and vaporize your favorite e-liquid. Not only do these coils have great performance, but can last months with proper maintenance!

Build Specs:

3×26(K1 or N80)/36N80 3mm 6 Wrap

3×28(K1 or N80)/36N80 3mm or 2.5mm 6 Wrap

2 coils per set
Coils are made 6 wrap so that you may pull out a wrap for lower resistance
Resistance will vary depending on lead length
Coils are packaged in BD coil tubes with one piece of Japanese organic cotton.
All coils are clean through 3 Ultrasonic cycles before shipment.

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