How to Refill Your Tank

How to refill your tank

Thank you for purchasing this kit from us. Here is a set of instructions to help you refill your tank once your e-liquid runs out.


  1. Untwist the tank off the battery
  2. Remove the drip tip
  3. Untwist cone
  4. Screw back on your tank onto the battery
  5. With one hand on top and one hand one the bottom, slowly lift the tank but NOT completely off, only halfway.
  6. Put your needle drip liquid dispenser on the side of the tank and start filling
  7. Do NOT fill the liquid inside the cartomizer directly
  8. Put everything back together and enjoy your pen!


**  If your pen is not hitting  correctly, it is mainly because of two reasons **

  1. Your battery is dead
  2. The cartomizer is clogged. So to fix this, just unscrew your tank from the battery and blow from the top so the excess liquid gets removed

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