For instructions on how to refill your tank click here. 

Is there anything else I need to purchase with the complete starter kits?

We recommend you purchase the following items along with your complete starter kits:

▪   Any liquid(s) of your choice. To start, we recommend you purchase at least (2) juices to get you started.

▪   (1-5) replacement cartomizers or wicks.

▪   Recommended accessories to protect your investment (vape sleeves, wraps, chargers, cases, etc.)

What should I buy for a complete setup?

For 900 mAh and iTaste MVP setups:

▪   (1) 900 mAh battery or iTaste MVP 2.0 (color of your choice)

▪   (1) tank of your choice

▪   (1) cone cover (please see below for specifications)

◦                For 3ml tanks = ego cone small

◦                For 6ml tanks = ego cone large

◦                For 3ml DCT tanks = Artemas DCT cone collar slim

◦                For 6ml DCT tanks = Artemas DCT cone collar large

▪   (1-5) replacement cartomizer LR or SR (We recommend you purchase at least 2-5 cartomizers)

▪   Charger is not required, we give them to you for free with a purchase of any battery or iTaste

▪   Any drip tip(s) of your choice

▪   Any liquid(s) of your choice

▪   Any wrap(s) of your choice (all our wraps are 3M quality and laminated so you can interchange whenever you like without damaging the battery

  • Carrying case to protect your kit

What is the Difference between SR or LR cartomizers? FAQ’s

SR (Standard Resistance)

  • Disposable
  • Used with batteries with a higher voltage
  • Substantial vapor production with less puff effort
  • Tends to last longer than LR cartomizers
  • Change every 1-4 weeks (depending on how often you vape)
  • When your cartomizer starts to taste burnt and lacks flavor, that indicates that it must replaced   

LR (Low Resistance)

  • Disposable
  •  Less resistance = less voltage
  • eLiquid is vaporized more aggressively, thereby increasing vapor production
  • Recommended voltage level = 4.2 volts and lower
  • Tends to burn out quicker than SR cartomizers
  • Change every 1-3 weeks (depending on how often you vape)
  • When your cartomizer starts to taste burnt and lacks flavor, that indicates that it must replaced

How do you prime a cartomizer (SR or LR)?

Priming a cartomizer is the process of saturating the wick (cotton in the middle) when you are either replacing your old cartomizer or using a new one for the first time.

•    Please follow the detailed instructions below for a simple tutorial:

  1. Un-package the cartomizer from the plastic it comes in
  2. Remove the white rubber cap from the top
  3. Pour your eliquid into the needle tip plastic bottle which we have provided you with
  4. Place a paper towel or napkin in the area where you are going to be working
  5. Stand the cartomizer over your work area vertically with the threading (part where you screw into battery) facing up
  6. Using your needle dripper, slowly drip your eliquid into the hole in the middle of the cartomizer
  7. Keep dripping until you see that the cotton side of the cartomizer is fully saturated (filled with liquid)
  8.  Once it is fully saturated and you see no parts that have dry cotton, dry the cartomizer with a paper towel and flip the cartomizer upside down and blow with your mouth through the hole where you can physically see the wick
  9. Clean your cartomizer and screw it on to your battery
  10. 10.  Place your tank over it about halfway

11. Fill the tank with eliquid from the sides without getting any directly into the wick

12. Push down your tank so that it is flush with your cartomizer and begin vaping!

What is the purpose of the cone covers for the batteries? FACT’S

•    Prevents your tank from accidently slipping downwards and creating a leak

•    Gives your personalized setup a flushed & clean look by simply hiding the spiral contents of the battery

•    Affordable, but yet very important

What level of nicotine do you guys carry for your eLiquids? What is the difference between levels?

(0mg) No Nicotine – contains 0 milligrams (mg) of nicotine per bottle. For those who simply want enjoy vaping but don’t crave nicotine.

(6mg) Light – Example: (15mL bottle of 6mg – 90 mg NIC present in bottle). Satisfying for light and casual smokers…roughly equivalent to a Marlboro Ultra Light.

(12mg) Medium – Example: (15mL bottle of 12mg – 180mg NIC present in bottle). Satisfying for light and medium smokers…roughly equivalent to a Marlboro Light.

(18mg) High – Example: (15mL bottle of 18mg – 270mg NIC present in bottle). Satisfying for heavy smokers…roughly equivalent to a Marlboro Red.

What forms of payment do you accept?

•    We are currently accept payments through US E-Pay, credit cards.

How long does shipping take?

•    Shipping will take 3-5 business days from the moment you receive a tracking number.

•    You will receive a tracking number via email once your order has been       processed and shipped.

What is your refund/exchange policy?

  • All sales are final, unless item is confirmed a manufacturer defect.
  • Due to the nature of the product, we cannot exchange items once it has been shipped to the customer, unless item is confirmed a manufacturer defect.

Can you combine promo codes together?

Per company policy, customers cannot combine multiple promo codes together when making purchases online. Only 1 promo code per person is allowed per day.

More Faq’s

-The basic components of an e-cigarette are the battery, an atomizer and a cartridge or tank. “Vaping” liquid (aka: “juice”) is added to the cartridge, tank, or atomizer via direct drip. Models vary, but the concept is the same; when activated, the battery sends an electronic charge to the atomizer, which heats the liquid to produce a satisfying vapor that simulates smoking. More interesting facts;

  • E-cigarettes are allowed in most public places where smoking is banned.
  • Satisfies like a cigarette, but without tobacco, tar, smoke or known harmful chemicals – so you don’t have to “quit” a habit you enjoy!
  • No second hand smoke for those you care about (and for those who just drive you crazy about it!)
  • No bad smell on you, your clothes, your hair, or in your car and home.
  • Costs substantially less than cigarettes; re-chargeable, long battery life.
  • Liquids come in a variety of flavors to suit your tastes and moods.
  • No ashtray, no messy ashes and burns on clothes or furniture.

-Currently, eVapors LLC can only promote e-cigarettes as an alternative to smoking. There are, however, many individuals who have successfully quit cigarettes after failing with “approved” smoking cessation products and methods!

-E-Cigarettes and vapor liquids (juices) are relatively new, and became popular in the U.S. during the last decade. The FDA is still testing the short and long-term effects. However, there is no tobacco, tar, smoke, or any known cancer-causing chemicals in e-cigs vapor, and 4000 fewer chemicals than in cigarettes!

-Going forward, you will need to replace cartridriges/cartomizers and e-liquids from eVapors LLC, depending on how much you vape.

-Another consumable is the cartomizers, tanks and clearomizers. They all wear out and must be replaced to ensure the quality of taste and volume of vapor. Depending upon the type, individual usage and care, they generally last between 5 to 10 days. It is wise to always have a replacement on hand. Our USA made Nicotine Liquids are filled with 10-15ml of liquid.

-A quick and easy conversion equivalent is:  1 ml of liquid = 1 pack of cigarettes.

-Fresh liquids made with USP-Grade ingredients: Propylene Glycol (PG) – an ingredient in asthma inhalers, Vegetable Glycerin (VG) – an ingredient in food products, pharmacy grade nicotine, and food grade flavorings. We will only sell e-Liquids that are made from only the nations most respected producers.  Rest assured knowing when you purchase our e-liquid from eVapors LLC your VG and PG are 100% USP Food grade kosher and your nicotine is 99.9% pure pharmaceutical grade.  Our e-Juice is produced in medically clean environments and is made using the highest production standards possible. These ingredients are carefully hand manufactured by experienced artisans. All of our Vapor liquids are made right here in the USA; not in China!

PG gives you a slight harshness at the back of the throat, or a “Throat Hit”, to replicate the cigarette smoking experience and contains most of the flavor. VG provides clouds of vapor that simulates cigarette smoke. The combination gives a most pleasurable vaping experience.

-We offer nicotine levels in the following amounts: 
24 mg, 18 mg, 12 mg, 6 and 0 mg.

-Although vaping an Electronic Cigarette simulates smoking a tobacco cigarette with the hand/mouth/inhaling actions, there are important differences in the technique that you will easily become accustomed to when vaping an e-cig.

-Store your e-liquids in a cool, dark place that is OUT OF REACH of children, and AWAY from pets! 
Do not expose e-liquids to excessive heat or prolonged sunlight. Liquids may be stored in the refrigerator – in a place furthest from the freezer. Wine coolers are perfect for storing e-liquids! The color may darken with time; however this will not affect the taste. The shelf life of nicotine liquids is 8 months from purchase date.

-mAh (milliampere-hour) is a unit of electrical charge in batteries. Simply put, the higher the number, the longer you can enjoy vaping between charges.

-There is no hard and fast rule here to be honest. Electronic cigarette cartomizers are not made equal and one can last anywhere between 5 to 10 days. It really varies. Cartomizer changing, and signs to look out for. Note that this applies to all sorts of cartos from dual coils to low resistance (LR) ones. One of the tell tale signs that it’s time for me to change a cartomizer is when the amount of vapor gets significantly less. When taking a drag, you will notice that you need to suck much harder to get any vapor out of the carto. However, another cause of reduced vapor production can also be due to a dying battery, so I recommend you swap or recharge your batteries beforehand, just to make sure. If that doesn’t solve your problem, your cartomizer might be clogged.

Clogged Poly Filler

The spongy material that sits within the cartomizer is called poly filler. When this stuff turns black or dark brown, I normally throw out the carto. This darkening has a lot to do with the thickness (viscosity) of your e-liquids, as well as the flavor. The thicker and dark e-juices (like coffee and chocolate flavors) tend to clog up cartos faster, so you will have to change carto’s more often. Cartomizers DO have a lifespan and usually after 5 to 10 days of use, they become “gunked” up and flavor, as well as performance, tends to suffer. Reduced vapor production is bound to follow as well. A quick fix to this, unscrew the cartomizer from the battery and blow the excess liquid from the top as you did when you originally primed it.

Burnt Taste When Vaping

When you burn the poly filler, the flavor gets nasty. You will experience a burnt or chemical-like taste and that’s when you should chuck out the carto as there’s nothing you can really do to fix it.

When the Cartomizer Leaks

Lastly, this is a no brainer. When you notice the leaking, it’s time to throw out the carto. If you’re over filling, it will leak you as well. 
How do I tell if the cartomizer’s rooted? When the filler material looks dry, when you add a couple of drops of e-juice and it starts leaking through the bottom, that’s telling me that the coils have probably burnt a small hole somewhere, causing the e-liquid to leak out.

Mixing Flavors in your E-cigarette Cartomizers Generally speaking, don’t mix flavors. Just open a new carto for each flavor. At any one point, you may be using up to 3 cartomizers on a rotational basis. You store cartos in small zip lock bags (to keep an airtight seal), to keep the flavors as fresh as possible. Use a Sharpie pen to label each bag so I can keep track of which carto’s are which.

What is PG and/or VG?

The liquid used in electronic cigarettes, often called E-Liquid, is usually a base mixture of Propylene Glycol (PG) and/or Vegetable Glycerin (VG) with flavoring and/or nicotine added according to preference.  As the vapor is inhaled by the user they are able to both taste the flavoring and absorb the nicotine that is diluted in the E-liquid, if any.

Both PG and VG are considered GRAS (Generally Recognized As Safe) by the FDA and EPA.  They are common ingredients found in many of the foods we eat, cosmetics we use, medications we take, and common household items such as toothpaste, mouthwash, and soap. They are also used in the fog machines used in theaters and nightclubs.

PG is a very thin liquid that dilutes and carries flavors very well, making it the optimal base for mixing, but when thinned out even further by the addition of flavoring and nicotine it may produce less vapor.  Also, a very small percentage of the population experiences sensitivity to PG that may present itself in a number of ways from throat irritation to skin irritation.  However, most people with this sensitivity are still able to use liquids that contain a lower amount of PG without any negative effects.

VG is a slightly sweet and very thick liquid in its pure form, which results in much higher vapor production than PG.  However, the downside to this thickness is that it may cause wicking, clogging, or burning issues in some devices if the VG concentration in the liquid is too high.  Also, due to the inherent sweetness of VG it tends to alter or dull the flavor slightly and reduce the amount of throat hit experienced by the user.

Ultimately, the E-Liquid mixture percentages of each user are merely personal preference based on the tradeoff between flavor, throat hit, and vapor production.  However, it is recommended for most devices that no more than 15-20% VG be used in the E-Liquid to provide a boost in vapor production without the negative effects of higher VG concentrations.


Some of our Products contain nicotine; an addictive substance and is intended for use by those of legal smoking age and not by children or pregnant women. If you experience any side effects or possible side effects, stop using the product immediately and consult a physician. eVapors LLC products are not intended as a tobacco cessation device but rather a alternative to traditional tobacco products. Our product(s) have not been reviewed by the FDA and are not intended to treat, diagnose, prevent or cure any disease.

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